bad customer service

Customer Service Hell Can Be Fixed

Don’t settle for bad customer service, you don't have the time. 

Getting an answer to your question should not be hard. Getting help with training or being rescued from a credit card processor isn’t a luxury or a favor, it’s a right!

Your customers expect customer service from you and your company deserves good support from the businesses that you depend on everyday. Not randomly, not because you know someone or have a technician’s cell phone, but because the company that you support with your business respects their products and customers enough to help you when you call.

Rule number one: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. You wouldn't allow your employees to put your customers on hold for long periods of time, call them back days later, or make promises that they never intend to keep, and you shouldn't accept any less from the companies that you do business with.

You know the signs:

  1. Hiding the humans  
  2. Not calling you back
  3. Ignoring requests 
  4. Long hold times 
  5. Promises always promises 
  6. Chat bots 
  7. Leave a message... beeeep!

So what can you do? 

  1. Ask them to answer their phones. Think about the time that you were looking for help and a competent, caring person arrives, it is an incredible experience. 
  2. Hold them accountable by sending an email to the leader. 
  3. Be the squeaky wheel 
  4. Change your provider 

If a company isn’t willing to support you, consider ditching them and going with one that truly values you.