business getting hacked

Is Your Business A Hacker's Next Target?

Many dry cleaners believe, "hackers have more lucrative targets than my small business", but they are wrong. 

"If you're doing business today and have any IT footprint you have to be doing security as part of it. You are basically playing Russian Roulette and it is only a matter of time before you are hit."
- David Kennedy, founder of cybersecurity company TrustedSec
Despite 70% of ransomware attacks being aimed at small businesses, 56% of them say they are not concerned about falling victim to a hack in the next 12 months. Ransomware attackers target small businesses' systems (i.e. dry cleaners) because they contain loads of sensitive data; customer credit card information, employee Social Security numbers, inventory, etc. making them a ripe target for an attack. 

Dry cleaners also present as easy targets since owners don't talk to one another often- meaning, news travels slow, allowing hackers to reload and repeat with ease. Do not forget that business technology is just as important as a well pressed shirt. Technology not only allows you to run your operation with ease and efficiency, it keeps your company safe.