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SMRT is a cloud-based business management platform designed for dry cleaners. SMRT aims to democratize powerful software to help you increase your business’s efficiency while decreasing labor costs. Our personalized, easy-to-use system is guaranteed to empower your business to reach new heights. SMRT has locations across the globe, including North Carolina, California, and Sweden. Let SMRT support your business in improving the care and quality of your customers.

Get Noticed

SMRT Marketing offers three digital tools dry cleaners can use to reach customers and establish their online reputation. You’ll get noticedand growth won’t be far behind.

Our Subscriptions

SELECT one, two, or all three packages depending on YOUR needs. Subscriptions are month to month with no commitment required. receive discounts when you sign up for more than one digital marketing package. Our marketing team helps dry cleaners craft a plan that works for their business, and supports them throughout their digital marketing journey.

Man strategizing trigger based digital marketing strategy

SMRT Campaigns

Reach Customers

SMRT Campaigns is an automated, trigger-based system that matches your customers’ profiles (spending, order dates, and order types) to appropriate marketing campaigns and messaging. Each campaign has a clear purpose, a defined customer segment, and is timed to make an impact. The strategy works: targeted, timed messaging is 497% more effective than mass messaging.

Man strategizing trigger based digital marketing strategy
Woman in her living room checking reviews on the computer
Woman in her living room checking reviews on the computer

SMRT Reviews

Create Social Proof

Magnify your digital presence by boosting the number of reviews your business receives.  Recently completed orders trigger requests for customer reviews, so they’ll always be genuine and timely. As they roll in, use the messaging center to reply to reviews, connect with leads, and answer inquiries. More mentions and communication means your business will win the SEO game against your competition.

Man checking digital marketing analytics on cell phone

SMRT Social

Build Relationships

Connect customers to your business and build brand loyalty with SMRT Social’s value-generating content. Whether you source material from us for your digital marketing efforts–or create your own–using our system is no sweat for dry cleaners. The SMRT content calendar integrates directly with all of your social channels–allowing you to schedule and post content with more efficiency than ever. SMRT Social’s advanced analytics deliver insights on which posts make the most impact, so your content strategy can adjust accordingly.

Man checking digital marketing analytics on cell phone

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Eric D.

“When we switched to SMRT we didn’t have a route at all and now it is growing weekly, With the clients being able to set up a pickup/delivery right from their cell phone.”

Harry B.

“Customer communications is over the top and they love it. Route system is great, track from detail to delivery. Ease of use and was a seamless conversion from compassmax.”

Phyllis F.

“SMRT systems help us to track each garment, understand the productivity of our staff, and document all aspects of customer communication. Their customer support is outstanding.”

Gary M.

Having moved from a POS after 20 years, we have found the features in SMRT to be super refreshing. Access to data & reports, and custom KPI features are really, really helpful.


SMRT is the brainchild of industry leaders, small business owners, marketers, engineers, and designers. We pride ourselves in delivering experiences for dry cleaners that are efficient and frictionless by offering software that is innovative and all in one. We care deeply about the people our products are for, and our services reflect that.

Scalable, Solutions

Our implementation team will get to know your business and build your customized SMRT system. We’ll ensure that our software scales to your needs—regardless of your business’ size and scope.

Complete Product

SMRT is a complete app ecosystem. We offer a digital product for every aspect of your busy operation: from the main business location, to the driver on the road to the customer at home.

Best In Class
Customer Service

Above all else, we care about providing the best customer service in the industry. Partnering with SMRT means having the ability to receive 24/7 technical support from our global team.

Our consultation is zero commitment. What are you waiting for? Schedule a product demonstration today.

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