Dry cleaning is like managing snowflakes in a snowstorm


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All in One App

No need to purchase add ons or upgrades, SMRT provides everything you need to maximize your profits.

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Communication is paramount to execution, get multilingual. Your business speaks many languages, your software should too!

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Secure Pay

Seamlessly process new order and pick up transactions. Automated to minimize declines and maximize cash flow.

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Tracking inventory is the heart of every operation. With ClothesTracker™ you’ll always know the status of orders, items, and deliveries.

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Automatic Assembly

An instant money maker, streamline production, prevent late orders, and free up your work area.

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An integrated system that optimizes routes, provides navigation, tracks deliveries, and communicates with your customers.

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Cloud Software

No licensing fees, free and seamless updates, worry-free data storage.

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The success of your business depends on automation. That’s why we’ve tirelessly focused on automating every recurring event in your operation.

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Review timeclocks, performance, productivity, income and expenses.

All-In-One Solution

Streamlined Production

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Simply install one SMRT device at every workstation in your plant, and instantly see a change for the better. Using heat seal technology and cloud-based data sharing, SMRT has created its proprietary ClothesTracker™ system so you’ll never lose an item.

Detailing flies by when all you have to do is scan a returning item. Alerts at Automatic Assembly let you know how long an order has been in production, allowing you to prevent late orders before they’re even an issue.

Customer Connection

Automated texts and emails keep customers informed about order status and payments. Customer communications are automatically logged for easy reference. Automatic billing and invoicing enhance the trust relationship you’ve built with your clientele.

SMRT gives every customer their own web page, where they are able to schedule pickups and deliveries, specify rush, view order progress, and leave notes on pieces. You’ll barely have to lift a finger with customers doing all this work for you!

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Everything Managed

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Go ahead and take that vacation. Run your store remotely — get the numbers that are important to you in just a few clicks. Customer profiles and spending, scheduling, payroll, accounting, employee contact info, timeclocks, performance, productivity, and delivery status all in real time.

Analytics tell you who your most valuable customers are, and helps recognize spending patterns, so you can maintain a valuable relationship with them. Encourage self-leadership and increase productivity with employee performance tracking. Productivity data helps reveal and clear bottlenecks. Don’t worry about what’s going right, we’ve got it handled.


Pricing & Plans

We charge per workstation, per month to create affordable, flexible, pricing for an operation of any size. Find a plan that best suits your needs: From a small plant, to a multi-location dynasty, SMRT has you covered.

  • Starter Kit
  • $50/mo
    per device
    with purchase of hardware*
  • Free Website
  • Tech Support
  • ClothesTracker™
  • Discounted Software
  • Optimized Delivery
  • 2.6% Fixed Rate CC Processing
  • Available for qualified businesses
  • Custom Setup
  • $100/mo
    per device
    with purchase of hardware**
  • Free Website
  • Tech Support
  • ClothesTracker™
  • Lot Management
  • Optimized Delivery
  • 2.6% Fixed Rate CC Processing
  • 3 device minimum
  • Auto Assembly
  • $16,000
    one time,
    with Starter Kit or Custom Setup
  • Auto Photo
  • Tech Support
  • ClothesTracker™
  • Lot Management
  • NeverLate Software
  • Automated Assembly Rack
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