Email & Text Automation for Dry Cleaners

SMRT campaigns deliver e-mail and text automation capabilities to dry cleaners of all sizes. Now is the time to power your dry cleaning business in ways you have to see to believe. Let us show you the way.
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Don't Miss A Beat

Are you still spending time planning, creating, and executing your own marketing campaigns? Downloading customer lists and manually choosing who gets what message? Or worse, not doing any marketing at all? Your time–and your business–deserve better. SMRT Campaigns takes the best of SMRT (automation, baby) and combines it with your business goals, your POS data, and your services to produce personalized messaging for your customers that returns measurable results and pumps up your business.

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Timing is Everything: Automate Your Marketing And Find Hidden Business Growth

Campaign Workflow

What is SMRT Campaigns?

SMRT Campaigns is an automated, trigger-based system that matches your customers’ profiles (spending, order dates, and order types) to appropriate marketing campaigns and messaging. Each campaign has a clear purpose, a defined customer segment, and is timed to make an impact. The strategy works: targeted, timed messaging is 497% more effective than mass messaging.

With SMRT Campaigns, your customer will only hear from you when the time is right, and they won’t feel spammed, because messages are spaced out and are intentional. And as a tool for business growth, it has no equal, because your current customers are your greatest asset and your most reliable source of new revenue.


Benefits of SMRT Campaigns

Dry cleaners have options if they want to use email and text automation for their business. But SMRT offers something no one else can: a marketing system that partners with your POS.


The secret sauce of SMRT’s system: promotional messages feature a clickable button that applies the redeemed coupon to your customer’s profile. When your customer initiates an associated order, your staff won’t need to do a thing (except provide the awesome service they already do). The coupon applies to the order automatically. And since it’s all in your POS, you’ll have instant access to your campaign results in a personalized KPI.

It doesn’t stop there.

Subscribers to SMRT Campaigns get unlimited messaging requests, no charges for set-up fees or new campaigns, and a fast turn-around on special broadcasts. We won’t nickel and dime you or tell you we can’t help. That’s a promise.

Key Features

Marketing Expertise
SMRT customers lean on our cumulative years of dry cleaning experience and our work with dozens of establishments across the country on marketing solutions for their dry cleaning businesses. We know what works and what doesn’t–and put our knowledge to work for your business.
Tailored To Your Business
Our marketing advisors work hand in hand with you to choose campaigns that fit your goals and your customer profiles. Prefer text communications? No problem. Don’t like offering discounts? We can work with that. And there’s never an extra charge for customization at the time of set-up.
Set It And Forget It
Once set-up is complete, our automated system keeps your campaigns running until you say stop. You can sit back and let SMRT Campaigns grow your business, while you do what you love: run your business and live your life.
Supported Campaign Types
Inventory Reminder
Checks for and notifies the customer if an order is still in inventory 7 days after being marked as completed. Can be triggered on 7/15/30/60/90/180 day intervals.
Marketing By Dept.
Incentivize regular customers to increase spending in other Departments (households, dry cleaning, alterations, t-shirts, wash-and-fold).
Customer Retention (Counter, Route)
Thank you message to new route or counter customer after first order(s) with a promotion to encourage retention.
Update Your Info
Checks for and prompts customers to provide missing account information (mobile phone number, email address, credit card on file)
Quarterly Comforter
Splits your customer base into three alphabetical groups and provides a comforter promotion to each group over the course of a quarter; this campaign can repeat all year long as requested.

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