Dry Cleaning For Hotels

SMRT gives you everything you need to provide cleaning services for hotels, including dynamic billing, bulk order inventory management, pain-free delivery, and much more.


Whether you run a devoted hotel operation, or there are just a few hotels in your customer base, our system can scale to meet your needs.

SMRT’s system is primed and ready to help you meet – and exceed – expectations for timely, organized order fulfillment. With SMRT, you’ll meet the golden rule of the hospitality business: “always under-promise and over-deliver”

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Our Features

Advanced Billing
SMRT makes it easy to accommodate billing for individual customer needs. Create statements by guest, employee, department, and property. Separate uniform orders by division. And set up weekly, monthly, or specific date invoicing. What about complimentary cleaning services for hotel management? Or self-pay accounts for hotel staff? Those are easy to set up, too. And when an employee moves on to a new property, their information is easily transferred and updated within your system.

This is billing for the 21st century.

  RFID Integration Using RFID technology for uniforms? SMRT integrates with multiple RFID cabinet and gate manufacturers, enables bulk scanning (incoming and outgoing), and supports both single-scan antennas and hand-helds. You’ll process orders at record speed, yet you’ll never lose sight of a single item, because SMRT records every event from your RFID antennas.  

Combine this with our state-of-the-art inventory management, and you’ll never have to worry about keeping up with the growing hospitality industry–or your growing business.
Inventory Management No cleaner wants to report a missing item. It’s simply not acceptable to your customers, nor should it be happening as often as it does in this day and age. Lost claims become a thing of the past using SMRT’s inventory management system combined with heat seals. Scan multiple items from employees in bulk, and SMRT auto matches the item with the order. Or use SMRT’s temp tags for guest orders and track their items no matter where they are in your facility. How does an 80% drop in lost claims sound to you? That’s an actual result from a SMRT cleaner operating in the hotel industry. What are you waiting for?
Delivery SMRT offers the most efficient pick-up and delivery system in the industry. That’s because we’ve enabled text communication with customers, easy route creation, and dynamic scheduling. Plus, dropping orders is faster than ever with our single-stop delivery scanning.  

SMRT keeps up with your business.

I have been very satisfied with SMRT since recently implementing [it] for my large dry cleaning business in NYC. SMRT handles all aspects of my multi location, multi faceted, highly complex business with ease. It is very user friendly and has all the modern features and technology, that I haven't seen in its competitors.

Jeremy Klein
Prestige Cleaners NYC

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SMRT Support

SMRT makes sure you’re never left hanging if something comes up. We offer industry-leading support, with the shortest wait times and the most knowledgeable staff.