Point of Sale for Dry Cleaners

Although we say swe are not just POS software, providing a suberp POS solution for dry cleaners is tantamount to SMRT. In fact, it is always on the receiving end of innovation and development so it can adapt to the changing needs of the industry and your customer.


Point of Sale

When it comes to point-of-sale software, dry cleaners need a scalable solution made for them. SMRT’s cross-platform point-of-sale system is fully customizable for increased ease of use and leverages time-saving features such as bulk mark-in and item photography. The process of checking in orders is more painless than it has ever been.

Our team designed a system that can scale to dry cleaning businesses of all sizes–from the stand alone location to the multi-city operation. No customer is too big or too small. SMRT can also be configured for many different user types–from old school users without a bone of tech savvy in their bodies, to power users that want to take advantage of every cutting edge feature.
SMRT offers a fail-safe tool to prevent the dreaded “missing item” situation from happening. Our photography feature allows your staff to snap and upload photos of individual items when creating new orders for care processing. Then, take a final image of the completed garment so the customer can see what finished items in their order look like.
Handling commercial accounts is no longer a hassle when you add SMRT to the mix. We offer features designed to scale to high-volume enterprises such as hotels and hospitals. Scan multiple items from employees in bulk, and SMRT auto matches the item with the customer order. Boom baby: Now you’re cooking with gas.

SMRT is fully compatible with Mac & Windows operating systems. Isn’t it great when things just work?


Competitive Card Processing Rates

Payment processing shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Let us know what you’re currently paying for credit card processing, and SMRT will beat or match your current rates. You can rely on our 1st level support to ensure maximum uptime for your P.O.S. system.

We believe in the Future of point of sale systems. We think you should too.

We Believe That The Future Of POS Systems For Dry Cleaning Businesses Isn’t More Complex – It’s Smarter

That’s why we invested time and resources developing bulk mark-in for enterprise customers and incorporated item photography as key pieces of SMRT’s point of sale experience. It’s also why we built our software in the cloud, and worked to get competitive processing rates for our customers. We believe in a future where transactions are faster, cheaper, more diverse, more visual–and are managed by tools that are platform-agnostic, intuitive, and easy to use. With our POS system, you can have a taste of SMRT’s vision of the future in present day–and save the future for worrying about 3D printed steaks. Contact our sales team to learn more.


24/7 Support Available

Whether it’s early in the morning or late at night, our team is here to help you with any support-related questions.