Route Management for Dry Cleaners

SMRT’ makes route management easier than ever for dry cleaners. Convenience is trending, and we are here for it.

Pick Up & Delivery

SMRT gives dry cleaners route management capabilities that are unmatched in the industry. We’ve optimized pick-up and delivery operations through features that eliminate headaches and empower your route team to fulfill more orders than ever before. SMRT is disrupting the old route planning process-and we think you’ll never look back.

Are you still manually managing your delivery routes? If so, it was time to upgrade yesterday. The benefits of live route planning cannot be overstated: save time, save gas, make money, and reduce stress. Whether your routes look mostly the same every week, or you operate on a will-call basis, SMRT’s app for route management combines customer requests with GPS for the most efficient, seamless pick-up and delivery logistics possible.

Adding or removing customers from a delivery route is no longer a hair-pulling moment. SMRT’s pickup and delivery system will automatically update your driver’s route in real time and alert them to the change. While route planning used to require multiple sources of information, with SMRT it’s all in one place. Our system helps your drivers remain efficient, and rule the road with authority. It’s time to be proactive with route management.

Are your routes based on will-call customers? Want to offer a different route each day of the week? The solution is dynamic scheduling. Manage route requests in real time from customers. Create optimized daily routes for both pickup and delivery. Cut driving times, and achieve optimum efficiency. What’s better than a win-win situation? A win-win-win for you, your customers, and your drivers.

Text Message Reminders

As part of SMRT’s communications suite, customers can speak with drivers via text to receive updates, as well as opt in or out of automated text message service notifications and reminders. Keep your customers apprised of their delivery through every step of the process. Communication is key to customer relationships, so it comes as no surprise when our users report that customer happiness has only gotten better after they switched to SMRT.


Android & IOS App

Because SMRT is compatible with Android and iOS devices, our product plays nice with your driver’s preferred mobile platform. Stay above the fray of compatibility issues, having to pay for company phones, and tacky “blue bubble vs. green bubble” debates. SMRT is platform agnostic, and works with whatever operating system your people feel most comfortable with.

Can Your POS System Do That?

Make Route Management A Breeze With Automation Technology

Your business success hinges on a diverse set of needs–needs that POS system alone won’t address. That’s why we’ve put time into features like automated route generation, route updates, and dynamic scheduling. It’s why we’ve given you the ability to communicate with customers in real-time, as well as send automated status updates. Finally, it’s why we’re compatible with the mobile platform of your choice. Learn more about what SMRT’s pickup and delivery system can do for you. Reach out to sales today.


24/7 Support Available

Whether it’s early in the morning or late at night, our team is here to help you with any support-related questions.