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Social media is where you business comes alive on the web, and SMRT Social provides the content management that dry cleaners need for a thriving online presence.

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The best social media accounts keep followers entertained, informed, and feeling connected. If you’re wondering how your dry cleaning business can keep up, wonder no longer. SMRT Social provides dry cleaners with impactful content created in-house, as well as content management that works so well, it is like hiring a media agency (but without the overpriced coffee drinks).

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What is SMRT Social?

SMRT Social is a platform that allows anyone–and we mean anyone–to become a social media maven. You’ll have full access to a suite of tools and content, and since it’s web-based, you can be social anywhere you are.

Our marketing team sends you a month’s worth of content at a time–including photos and captions–to view and approve. Customize it with your logo or leave it neat–it’s up to you.

Dry cleaners who enjoy making their own content love our platform, because adding it is easy: simply add your photo(s) or video(s), write a caption, and post to as many social media accounts as you want.

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Why Invest In Social Media Management?

For any dry cleaner, having social media is a signal to your customers that you’re running a modern, 21st-century business. 302 million americans use social media every day, which means over 90% of the US population is connected–and the average adult spends 2 1/2+ hours per day on their preferred platform.

Let’s break it down further: your customers are the exact match to social media users. We’re talking about working professionals, people who care about clothing and appearance, busy families, and young adults who attend weddings, parties, and special events.

Every year your customer base skews to newer generations–i.e. those who have grown up using the web for every part of their lives. And they’ve fallen for social media hook, line, and sinker.


Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Google. There are so many places to be Social, yet you only need one login to manage it.

Key Features

Now that you’re convinced social media is a thing, why should you leave your social media management to us? Because we’re paying attention to trends in marketing, have in-house designers and content specialists, and, well, we’re fun (if we do say so ourselves)!

Your time is valuable, and your days are full. If social media strategy isn’t on your to-do list, you can still make it happen. Leave it to us–we’ll be your social media strategist, and then some.

Interactive Calender

Use the interactive calendar to view your monthly content, switch posts around with ease, and plan ahead. This way you’re in full control of your feed, and you’ll be happy seeing it all happening.

Fresh Content

Social media is like fresh bread–it should be replenished every 2-3 days. And that’s SMRT Social: we provide three posts per week, every week of the year, with everything from laundry tips and holiday messages to reminders to put in that next dry cleaning order.

Analytics Included

SMRT loves data, and social media is full of it. Impressions, likes, replies. There’s a lot to consider, and our analytics mean business. You can see which posts work best and change things up as you want.

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