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Outshine your competition, win at web search, and create a polished online reputation with SMRT’s review management for dry cleaners.

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Shine Online

SMRT Reviews is the easiest way for dry cleaners to increase online feedback–and it does more than that. It extends customer service beyond your business, by facilitating public and private interactions with current clients and qualified leads on the web. Because the more your reputation shines in the digital world, the better.

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Present A Polished Online Storefront With SMRT Reviews


What is SMRT reviews?

SMRT Reviews’ web-based platform offers dry cleaners everything they need for online reputation management. Your polished reputation starts with collecting new reviews from active customers, but don’t sweat the details: Our automated campaign is triggered by completed orders in your POS. In fact, SMRT offers the fastest turnaround time for feedback requests of any reputation management service out there.

Positive responses feed directly to an inbox in your reviews dashboard and your online business profiles. On average, our customers see a whopping 512% jump in their count of positive reviews.

Negative feedback (aka constructive criticism!) offers a chance to make a good impression: it comes in as a message so you can address the issue immediately and offer a solution.

SMRT Reviews also collects incoming questions and leads from search platforms, and gathers them in one place. No more toggling between different websites: we’ve put them all in once place, so your reputation stays solid, and your sanity does too.

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Benefits of Review Management

Acquiring new customers is no easy feat. Consumers don’t want to be told your business is the best option for their dry cleaning needs. They need to know for sure–and they’re looking online for assurance.

SMRT Reviews populates your business profile with authentic, current, positive reviews on Google, Facebook, or wherever you want to be found. The more the better, since search results rely on ongoing activity. SEO may be a buzz word but it makes a real impact on whether your business is visible online and in search.

Current reviews serve another purpose: according to search experts, reviews older than three months lose relevance in the eyes of consumers.

Your future customers are savvy and discerning–it’s not called the information age for nothing. With SMRT Reviews, you’ll meet them where they are, and be their perfect match.

Key Features

Auto Replies

Use pre-set messages to thank customers for positive feedback or respond to negative feedback when you know you can’t respond quickly. No customer wants to feel like their opinion doesn’t matter, and with auto-replies, they’ll always feel heard. If you prefer the personal touch, simply don’t enable them.

One Inbox

You’ll never miss a message from a customer or lead with our easy-to-use messaging inbox. Reply to reviews, answer questions from prospective customers, and revel in your awesomeness. Plus, our inbox puts leads into their own category so you can see how and when they found you–and adjust your reply accordingly.

Staff Accounts

As a business owner or manager, you’ve got a lot on your plate. SMRT Reviews allows you to add users to the platform and assign messages to them, and give admin privileges to key staff. Getting your staff involved in reputation management has the benefit of increasing buy-in for your overall brand.

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