Special Dry Cleaning Services

SMRT is the only software solution for enterprise and specialized dry cleaners that provides complete automation capabilities, for every business type and size, from a powerful cloud-based dashboard. You’ve never done business like this before.



Optimize every aspect of your hotel-focused business from one insanely powerful dashboard. Gain visibility into every item and order and cut down on lost items with our best-in-class inventory management; run lightning fast production using SMRT’s RFID and heat seals integrations; customize billing and statements; and use our industry-leading route management tools to make delivery a breeze. Our system molds to your operations and your business size, so you’ll always have the perfect solution, no matter what.The hotel industry is notoriously chaotic, but you’ll never feel it with SMRT.

Bulk Uniform Cl...

When Your Business Handles Bulk Orders For Dozens - If Not Hundreds - Of Uniform Clients Across Locations And Industries, There’s A Lot Riding On Your Ability To Keep Pace, Keep Organized, And Deliver Services Without A Hitch. With SMRT’s Automation For Your Business, You Can Manage Production, Billing, And Delivery By Company, Department, And Individual, All With Lightning Speed. You Take Care Of Making Your Clients Look Polished, And We’ll Handle The Rest.

Restoration Ser...

Providing Restoration Services Is About More Than Just Dry Cleaning. You’re A Part Of A Complex Operation Of Item Owners, Insurance Agents, Local Agencies, And Orders That Come To You In A State Of Emergency. Further, It’s Up To You To Deliver Top-Notch Cleaning Services And Churn Out Detailed Reports For Insurance Adjusters Within The Fastest Time Frame Possible. No Pressure, Right?

Dry cleaners with high-volume operations or niche services need specialized software tools to tackle the specific needs of their businesses

SMRT gets it and we’ve got you covered, with  flexible automations for production, billing, reporting, delivery management, and more. If you’ve ever wished for the capabilities of custom software, without the custom price, you’ll get it with SMRT.

The industry’s leading dry cleaners in hotels, restoration services, and uniforms turn to SMRT to be their only software solution. Read on to learn how SMRT can support your specialized business.

Ready to see SMRT in action?

SMRT smoothes out every reporting hurdle with built-in item coding and slashes your labor with automatic photography and industry-leading inventory management

And there’s so much more to SMRT, like dynamic billing and route management. So when the pressure’s on, don’t think twice. Get SMRT and get ready to rock.


Want to learn about SMRT’s innovative automation and operations features? Visit Our Technology to get the high level view.

Interaction between a dry cleaner and a customer

The dry cleaning industry is evolving with the times

No matter your business, SMRT’s automation, efficiency, and billing solutions ensure your business can handle what you need now, and what you’ll need in the future. Because we know one thing for sure: change will be your one constant and you’ll need the right tools to handle it.