SMRT can automate your Metalprogetti. In case it isn’t obvious, this is kind of a big deal.

Making History

When it comes to advanced conveyors for high-volume dry cleaning operations, Metalprogetti has no equal. Decades of innovation in automated machinery has taken them to the top of the conveyor market. SMRT meets Metalprogetti at the peak of innovation with dedicated software to power every aspect of their systems. Meet us at the top-it’s great up here.


Complete Software Integration

If your Metalprogetti has automation capabilities, then SMRT can work with it. Automate your assembly conveyors, auto baggers, kiosks and more. Our product is built to integrate with Metalprogetti’s latest 24/7 control software to give you a fully automated POS experience. But it doesn’t stop there: We’ve even made our software compatible with older products, such as Metalprogetti’s legacy 24/7 kiosk system.

Curious to see SMRT + Metalprogetti in action? Check out more of our videos below.

Your Metalprogetti Works Better on SMRT

Simply put, SMRT is the only software provider that understands Metalprogetti’s full range of products, capabilities, and features, and has integrated solutions for all of them. SMRT tracks every event that occurs in your Metalprogetti system, and can communicate with it to trigger automated, or manual, events from your POS system. Our integration is a game-changing feature and stands among some of the most cutting-edge capabilities on the market.

High Volume Is Our Sweet Spot

High volume, complex dry cleaning businesses rely on speed, efficiency, and innovative solutions to run their operations without a hiccup or delay. This is where Metalprogetti and SMRT shine: Metalprogetti’s superior machinery, lightning fast automation and jaw-dropping innovation are perfectly matched with SMRT’s sophisticated automation software and complete business solutions. So it’s not just your conveyors that benefit: it’s your whole business. There’s nothing sweeter than that.

Innovation: It's What We Do

What makes us so confident that SMRT operates Metalprogetti systems better than our competitors? Because from SMRT’s inception, we committed to learning everything we could about every one of their products, planned trips to their factory in Italy, conducted late-night cross-continent meetings, and then tested our software over and over again until we got it right where it needed to be. And we haven’t stopped there. With every new feature and product Metalprogetti launches, SMRT keeps up. Why our obsession? Because Metalprogetti matters to your business, and your business matters to SMRT.

Seeing is Believing

Metalprogetti automation is a time-saving feature for enterprise-grade operations such as hotels, as well as large-scale dry cleaners. Watch the videos below to see how well our Metalprogetti automation is working for Sudsies.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Customer service is very important to us, and we have been delighted with our ability to reach SMRT 24/7.

Jason Loeb

These guys are amazing, hands down. Their customer service is great. SMRT is one of the best in the business.

Kermit Engh

We have 15 Metalprogetti systems. As soon as we switched to SMRT our operation began running better

Jason Yerbey

If there is one word that best describes our relationship to SMRT and Metalprogetti, it is family.

Richard Aviles

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If you’re a current SMRT customer that’s interested in applying our automation capabilities to your existing Metalprogetti system, our team is happy to help. Our talented implementation personnel can set you up based on your current system’s capabilities–and get your operation humming like a sewing machine.

¨SMRT’s metalprogetti integration is much more than a talking point: it’s a power feature. it’s a force multiplier. it’s a killer app¨

Patrick Doueihi

Owner, Michels Dry Cleaners