Assembly Software For Dry Cleaners

Our software delivers industry-leading assembly features to dry cleaners of all shapes and sizes. Take your business to cutting edge of innovation with SMRT.


SMRT’s garment assembly capabilities are automated to the nines. Time saving features such as automatic photography, combined with industry standards like full Metalprogetti integration, revolutionize productivity for dry cleaners everywhere.

There’s a reason we developed software specifically to integrate with every single Metalprogetti product: their stellar reputation has been earned because they are the best around. Not only are Metalprogetti’s systems durable and affordable, but they have some of the most complete automation features on the market.
SMRT lets you maintain your current tag assembly system and gives you the option to leg into heat seals if you’re hungry to increase efficiency but not quite ready to make the change. What if change isn’t on your horizon? Not to worry. We will always support operators who prefer paper tags and understand that some items just make more sense for tags.

SMRT offers visual and voice control to increase accessibility for users of all types. Easily locate pieces on the conveyor while saving your staff time and expediting order completion. Even better, you can also use this to enhance accessibility for users dealing with impaired vision. Not ready for a Metalprogetti? Add our automatic assembly conveyor and turbo charge your assembly while reducing mistakes.


Want to move your operation into the modern age?: Take pictures of clothing at the start of an order and automatically as the items are assembled. Use clothing pictures to know exactly what items you’re missing at the end of the day.. Wow customers and increase their trust in your business with their Online Wardrobe and Clothes Tracker, which shows exactly what items they sent you and the status of every item.


Full Metalprogetti Integration

When we say “full Metalprogetti integration,” we mean only one thing: SMRT is compatible with all of the available Metalprogetti automation products and software that have been released to date. We appreciate machines that are built to last, so our software gives dry cleaners the ability to automate both old and new Metalprogetti assembly conveyors, baggers, kiosks, storage conveyors, and dispatch conveyors. Pretty sweet, huh?


Our Conveyor

Want to run your operation with the ease and sophistication of a 3-piece suit–but without the price tag? SMRT’s conveyor is the perfect match for your SMRT system and just happens to be the most cost-effective automated option on the market. Our conveyor doesn’t sacrifice price for quality or technological prowess. Scan your item and the conveyor moves right to you. Keep two-piece items, such as suit jackets/pants and dresses/belts, linked together even if they get processed separately. We’ve effectively eliminated any chance of mistranslation between software and machine, all while boosting efficiency. Here’s an indisputable fact: our conveyor lets you process 200-300 pieces an hour. Assembly has never looked so good.

Can Your POS System Do That?

Optimize Your Workflow With The State Of The Art Assembly Features

When we say that SMRT is more than a POS system, we put our money where our mouth is. That’s why SMRT businesses have access to a full suite of assembly features that includes order processing, image capture, and Metalprogetti integration. After all, why settle for another fancy cash counter when you can add sweet, sweet, automation to the mix? Learn more about what SMRT’s assembly automation software can do for your dry cleaning business. Reach out to sales today.


24/7 Support Available

Whether it’s early in the morning or late at night, our team is here to help you with any support-related questions.