Reporting For Dry Cleaners

Dry cleaners deserve data reporting software that’s as flexible, useful. and dependable as they are. You’re juggling customers, cash flow, orders, operations, and more. How is your business really doing? The answer is closer than you think with SMRT.



SMRT’s reporting suite is made for managing data that’s important to dry cleaners. 10 standard report templates make our software easy for dry cleaners to pick up, while offering unlimited options for modification and customization. Data management shouldn’t be rocket science. With a SMRT system at the center of your business, it won’t be.


Who actually needs 200 different reports? Talk about a slog. Other reporting systems inconvenience users by providing too many options, but SMRT provides 10 basic reports upon which you can build your own mission control system. Trust us: when it comes to reporting options, basic is a good thing.


SMRT’s key performance indicators are as customizable as our generated reports. Track data in real time, and stay on top of information with the most important metrics for your business: cash flow, items received, customer actions, promotions, orders to go, and more. Our support team is on-call to help you create any KPI you need.


We believe that a dashboard should reflect your business’ greatest priorities, and be a gateway to your entire operation. That’s why our users have the ability to customize the dashboard of their SMRT system. Select any arrangement of navigation buttons, trackers, and key performance indicators to truly make your system a custom experience.


Our team worked hard to remove downloads and spreadsheet updates from your life. You read that right. SMRT doesn’t require any data to be gathered or numbers to be entered. Generate PDF reports with user-configured parameters, or simply track KPIs from the dash. Our reporting pulls data as soon as it’s created, so it’s always up-to-date.



Your employees are the crux of your operations and getting payroll right is non-negotiable. SMRT gives you multiple formats for viewing and exporting payroll data so you’re always on top of this critical piece of your operations.

Can Your POS System Do That?

Tap Into The Data Generated By Your Business WithSMRT’s Reporting Features

Imagine what your business would be like if it’s bottom line was based on monthly subscriptions instead of walk-in customers. Imagine if this capability was compounded with power features such as Metalprogetti automation, automatic route generation, and customer notifications–all in one integrated system. Fortunately, this is more than mere fantasy: it is a reality that’s here today. Learn more about what SMRT’s billing and payments capabilities can do for you and your business. Reach out to sales when you’re ready for a new reality.


24/7 Support Available

Whether it’s early in the morning or late at night, our team is here to help you with any support-related questions.