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SMRT’s technology combines Point of Sale, Route Management, Communications, Automation and Reporting in a package that is tailor-made for dry cleaning businesses.
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The Management Powerhouse For Dry Cleaning Businesses


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Point of






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Rethink Your Route Management

SMRT’s route management adds expert-level logistics to your delivery process. SMRT cuts down on driving time, maximizes route growth potential, and takes the guesswork out of route planning. Access turn by turn directions and modify routes on the fly–all from within the SMRT app. Route management used to be hard. SMRT makes it easy.

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Make Orders with Smart Assembly

SMRT provides clarity for every step of the order process. Take pictures of each garment, set up detailed care instructions, and track the item’s location from end-to-end with cutting-edge RFID technology. From the moment a new order is created, til the moment it’s on the truck for delivery, you’ll always be in the know.

Oh, And By The Way: SMRT Works With Metalprogetti

SMRT is designed to work with your Metalprogetti setup–which is both a time-saving innovation and a radical leap forward for the dry cleaning industry. Our competitors say their software can do this, while SMRT actually does the damn thing.

Cash Flow

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Complete POS Integration

Though SMRT’s card processing will beat or match your current rates, our POS is about more than charging cards. Set your rates, onboard employees, and track shifts in real time. Our system is easy to understand, and compatible with all operating systems.

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Better Billing Automation

Life is great when getting paid is easy. That’s why SMRT is designed to automate your billing. Business owners now have the ability to automatically charge someone’s credit card on file, customize billing dates, and issue refunds without the physical card.

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24/7 Support Available

Whether it’s early in the morning or late at night, our team is here to help you with any support-related questions.