Our Story

SMRT is not another faceless POS software conglomerate with no loyalty to the dry cleaning industry. We are your peer, your advocate, and your biggest fan. 

It All Started In San Francisco..

Years ago our founder took over management of a San Francisco dry cleaner that was struggling to operate. As the business turned around, he ran into a wall trying to find software to support the day to day operations. That’s when he decided to create his own, And the rest is history… Sort of.

Lines of POS software code

We jumped in blind, but felt our way out

Fed up with off the shelf software options that offered limited customization, our founder gathered a team of top-notch engineers and got to work designing a system that would think like a dry cleaner and solve problems before they arose. 

It wasn’t an easy task. It took two long years of building, testing, and re-writing code to get to launch. We brought in the experts, and became experts ourselves, on delivery cloud computing, supply chain, AI, security, and much more.

Lines of POS software code

Success tastes sweet
when shared with others

Our first attempt was a lesson in humility. Early customers patiently waited as we worked on the speed of the product and rooted out bugs. As technology improved, we improved, and soon we found ourselves at the top of the technology pyramid–where no dry cleaning POS software had yet existed. It was a proud moment that we shared with the customers who stuck with us.

SMRT Systems Logo | Management software for dry cleaners
SMRT Systems Logo | Management software for dry cleaners

SMRT leads the pack

There’s something special that comes from working with and for your peers: authenticity. Our customers can feel it. We’re here to listen, learn, and change. And we’re still pushing forward – making improvements to power dry cleaners and elevating their business.

We understand the commitment and perseverance it takes to be in business every day.

That’s why SMRT isn’t just new technology for the sake of technological advancement, it’s POS software that launches your dry cleaning business to new heights.  We take pride in what we do and know that our success depends on giving you nothing but the best.

Our Locations


N. Carolina

Raleigh is a premiere tech hub for the greater Mid-Atlantic region and home to SMRT’s main office. We’re located near NCSU’s Center for Entrepreneurship.

San Francisco,


As the home of the SMRT founder, and with its proximity to software’s birthplace in Silicon Valley, San Francisco remains a key piece of the SMRT story.



Malmo is home to our team of application developers. These are the talented people who push our technology forward, and we’re so lucky to have them.



We’re pleased to offer SMRT sales and support to Australian dry cleaners, and we’re excited to grow in this burgeoning market.