Support for Dry Cleaning Restoration

SMRT offers all of the automation tools that uniform-based dry cleaning businesses need to run efficient operations and meet your customers’ needs.

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SMRT’s advanced software supports restoration services with intuitive, time-saving tools like automatic photography and one-click item coding.

Restoration is a highly valued service within the dry cleaning industry. But your time can easily get lost on manual item documentation, order management, and highly-detailed insurance and billing requirements. Don’t lose any more time: SMRT automates your restoration business and simplifies every process. What used to take hours now takes minutes (and in some cases, seconds). That’s good news for you, your clients, and your bottom line.

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Features For Restoration Businesses

Inventory Management SMRT’s inventory management system is the most intuitive and dynamic in the industry. Start with dozens of fabric and style options for item detailing, easy grouping of items into orders, and tracking every item’s journey from the minute it enters your facility to the time it’s handed over. 

For restoration projects, inventory management goes even further, allowing you to group items by room, job, and facility. We’ve also created item aliases to make entry in Xactimate a breeze. There’s simply no better way to expertly detail items, create job reports, manage inventory, and be as exact as you need to be.

  CRDN Integration Your CRDN business is primed for efficiency with SMRT. For every item type, we’ve eliminated manual coding and replaced it with auto-generating RestorNet coding. When it’s time to import orders into RestorNet, all it takes is 1-2 clicks and you’re done. SMRT makes it easier than ever to submit a job, invoice accurately, and get paid.

Automatic Photography
Are you still manually photographing items and uploading them to your POS? That’s yesterday’s way. SMRT makes photography easier than ever with automatic image capture. Slide the item into position and SMRT captures an instantaneous photo that gets added straight into the item record. You’ll save dozens, if not hundreds, of labor hours. When documentation is critical, and time is valuable, you’ll have both covered with SMRT.

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