Dry Cleaning For Uniform

SMRT offers all of the automation tools that uniform-based dry cleaning businesses need to run efficient operations and meet your customers’ needs.

Emergency Worker Uniforms

Your uniform-based business is focused on quality, speed, and reliability, and your software should be too

SMRT spent years developing processes to increase efficiency and simplify operations to keep your business moving. It’s not a coincidence that SMRT businesses report lower labor costs and a healthy bottom line, too. Read on to learn how we can support your uniform services.


  RFID Integration High-volume businesses rely on RFID technology now more than ever. SMRT integrates with multiple RFID cabinet and gate manufacturers, enables bulk scanning (incoming and outgoing), and supports both single-scan antennas and hand-helds. You’ll process orders at record speed, yet never lose sight of a single item, because SMRT records every event from your RFID antennas.
Advanced Analytics SMRT’s advanced analytics let you look at the big picture of your business and choose how you want to invest your time, funds, and attention. Get insights into how your facility is operating so you can determine if there are bottlenecks. Analyze efficiency to determine if you could be doing more, or whether you’re at capacity and need more machinery as you grow. And keep your facility at prime operating function by tracking when routine or preventative maintenance is due. It’s all within your SMRT dashboard, and it’s all at the touch of a button.  
Cloud-Based and Always Up-To-Date SMRT gives you the freedom to do business how, where, and when you want. It’s 100% cloud-based, so reporting happens in real-time, as does every other operation you might want to monitor. Manage multiple plants? Have offices in different locations? Always on the go? No problem – SMRT’s web-based dashboard goes where you go and keeps you informed.
Inventory Management Best-in-class inventory management comes standard with SMRT. From the moment an order comes through the door to the time a driver delivers it, SMRT has it handled. We automate all of the industry’s top conveyors too, so your production runs on autopilot and keep tabs on every item in inventory. Read more about our Megalprogetti integration here.

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