Payments Platform For Dry Cleaners

Dry cleaners can now offer customers sophisticated, modern, payments such as automated billing, subscriptions, and custom statements. Welcome to the 21st-Century economy.



SMRT is democratizing payments for dry cleaners by offering powerful billing solutions to match their business size, services, and customer touchpoints. Whether you offer subscriptions that require automated billing, need the ability to process cards on the road, or desire an enterprise-grade payments solution–our payments system can rise to the occasion.


Everyone wins when payments run automatically: you don’t have to worry about running credit cards and your customers don’t have to worry about paying you, or wondering when they’ll be charged. SMRT’s autopay feature triggers payment to your, customer’s credit card when their order is completed

Compare that to competing “solutions,” which can sometimes take days to process, do not support automated payments, and can be difficult to use. How do you like them apples? Do you offer subscriptions for wash and fold or dry cleaning? Awesome. Not only is SMRT subscription billing configured to trigger automatically, but your customers can set a preferred billing date.

It’s time to run your business the way your customers expect: with no delay between service and payment. Because no one likes mystery when it comes to their finances. If you can’t tell already, we’re committed to helping dry cleaners modernize their businesses. To do that, dry cleaners need more than a run-of-the-mill payment solution: they need powerful new tools that will help change the landscape of their business.


Dry cleaning businesses aren’t cookie-cutter operations–which is why they need a payment and statement solution with customizable options. Whether you’re a freestanding small business, or a bustling operation handling hundreds of hotels, SMRT has statement options for your business. We’ll help you set up your statements to meet any customer request so you get paid faster.


Whether you like it or not, the speed with which you can process that refund is a reflection of your business. That’s why SMRT’s made it easy to do. Whether you need to reverse a payment or provide a credit, you can get it done quickly and without the customer’s physical credit card. Save time, and prove that you mean business when it comes to customer satisfaction.


Enterprise Billing Solutions

When we say that we offer a completely scalable payments solution, we mean it: SMRT offers complete hotel billing support. Need we say more?

Can Your POS System Do That?

Jumpstart Your Cash Flow With Modern Payment Features

Imagine what your business would be like if it’s bottom line was based on monthly subscriptions instead of walk-in customers. Imagine if this capability was compounded with power features such as Metalprogetti automation, automatic route generation, and customer notifications–all in one integrated system. Fortunately, this is more than mere fantasy: it is a reality that’s here today. Learn more about what SMRT’s billing and payments capabilities can do for you and your business. Reach out to sales when you’re ready for a new reality.


24/7 Support Available

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