A new SMRT customer portal is here! We are pleased to announce exciting changes to this critical piece of your SMRT system. In addition to a striking new interface, the new customer portal offers expanded functionality, easier navigation, improved item photography, and more.

Why did we redesign the portal? Because we are committed to innovation and to keeping your business at the forefront of technology, especially when it enhances your customers’ dry cleaning experience. 

Read on for an introduction to everything you and your customers can expect from the new design.

Changes and Features

New Home Screen

The new Home Screen offers an expanded list of functions:

  • Order status and tracking
  • An interactive map
  • The customer profile
  • Create a new order 
  • Pickup/delivery activity
  • Rewards

Also note a newly designed bottom bar that lets customers toggle quickly between the Home, Wardrobe, and Orders pages.

New Home Page
Old Home Page
Out for Delivery SMRT App
Old Home Screen SMRT Customer App
Order Funtionality
Orders Module

The ClothesTracker and Pickup & Delivery sections from the previous version have been folded into one Orders page. There is now a unified, easy-to-find method for route and store customers to create an order.

When a route customer wants to schedule a pickup, they will do it from the order page. This streamlines the steps and is more intuitive for the user. See below for more information about creating orders.

Order tracking also has a more modern look and provides more detail about deliveries.

New Orders Pages
Order Detail
Out For Delivery
Order Status - Out for Delivery
Old Clothes Tracker
Old Pick-Up and Delivery
Old ClothesTracker SMRT App
Pickup & Delivery Date Progress: Ready, Delivery Scheduled

Creating A New Order – Two Options

1. Item Detailing

This mode lets the user take pictures of their garments and add notes, such as stains, damages, alterations needed, and special instructions. Route customers can then schedule a pickup and attach the photos to their next scheduled pickup. For store customers, it creates a record for when they come in with their order.

Item Detailing SMRT Customer App Gif
Click images to ad item details. Place Order or Cancel

2. Quick Order

For delivery customers, this mode goes directly to the pick-up scheduling page. For store customers, it generates an order confirmation and includes a button for getting driving directions.

Mobile First
Meurice Garment Care App Landing Page. Welcome. Get Started.

75% of users access the customer portal from their smartphone. So we’ve redesigned it with that in mind. Whether they are signing in or signing up the customer simply enters their mobile phone number to get started. They can still access the portal with their email if they already have an account via a magic link.

The web design mirrors the mobile design with the menu buttons on the left side of the screen.

Mobile App: Status Page

The new map feature provides your customers with visual context, whether they’re a route customer with a delivery on the way or a store customer that has an order to pick up.

2 Stops Left Address Driver Map of San Francisco
Exact Store Location
Address Notes & Pictures

Customers can now add pictures and specific instructions to their saved addresses making it easier for your drivers to find customers’ homes and provide great service.

Add Address
Business Addresses Page
On My Way Button

Speed up customer pickups! Customers can now let you know when they’re on the way to the store (like InstaCart). You’ll receive a notification in your messages.

Ready For Pickup. Select On My Way Button. You can create a new order or send the store a message.
Customer Notification: On my way to the store.
    • Rewards have been redesigned.
    • An “Add to Home Screen” button walks the user through saving the portal as an app icon on their smartphone.
    • New loading bars and spinners give the interface a much better feel.
    • The Contact feature now supports sending a message and includes a link to call your store.

Future Releases

  • A search feature that allows users to search orders, items, settings, etc. This will be the first step of a Super Search functionality that will migrate to the POS (picture the ability to search a setting from the home screen and be taken directly to that setting).
  • Within Contact, there will be live chat, video chat, and contact history.
  • A subscriptions section so customers can view, purchase, edit, and cancel subscriptions.

The redesign of the customer portal is just the first in a series of planned software upgrades from SMRT. As your partner in dry cleaning operations and efficiency, SMRT is proud to innovate for your success!