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EzPress is a manual-press heat seal machine. It buzzes when the timing cycle is complete and the operator then lifts the handle. There are 7 interchangeable lower platens and one 3″x5″ fixed lower platen. Factory settings are 380 degrees and 8 seconds and 390 degrees and 9 seconds, but time and temperature can be easily changed for different clothing label requirements. Time, temperature, and pressure are automatically controlled. The lower platen will automatically adjust to accommodate thick and thin garments without operator intervention.

All EzPresses are designed for high-volume usage. There are 2 software versions: EzWizard and Basic. EzPress’ basic heat seal press software is a stripped-down version of EzWizard. EzWizard software monitors and records operator errors, such as trying to apply a label before the platen is hot enough or lifting the handle before the application cycle is complete. EzWizard detects damp and cool fabric and automatically adds a few seconds of application time to ensure that every label is always applied properly. Features such as lightweight construction, easy maintenance, and a small footprint make EzProducts heat seal machines the best on the market. They are OSHA, TUV SUD, CSA, UL, and CE safety certified, more safety certification than any other press manufactured. Proudly made in the USA.

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