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The SMRT UHF RFID Tag (1000 ct.)

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The Positek WT-A543

The Positek WT-A543 is Fujitsu’s latest industrial-strength UHF RFID tag that is flexible and can fit into virtually any linen because of its smaller size. Because of its near-100% accurate reading, these are some of the most accurate tags on the market–allowing for inventory management to be performed quickly and accurately with multiple tags capable of being read at very low error rates. Built to be rugged, the Positek WT-A543 is capable of withstanding high-pressure extractors, and flatwork irons used in high-throughput laundry operations.

Datamars FT-401

With applications specific to dry cleaning, the Datamars FT-401 is the culmination of over 30 years of research and production experience on behalf of businesses in the industrial laundry sector. For such reasons, the FT-401 is a battle-tested chip, and one of the best RFID solutions available on the market. With read distances of up to 19 feet away, improved flexibility, and guaranteed durability for over 200 washing cycles, the FT-401 is a UHF RFID chip that is made from the ground up for industrial performance.

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Positek WT-A543 (Rubberized), Datamars FT-401 (Fabric)

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