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Thermal Transfer Ink Ribbon

Thermal Transfer Ink Ribbons are an extra-durable ribbon that is made with the specific intention of being able to withstand dry-cleaning solvents, including Perc. This extra-durable ribbon can be printed on heat seal and temporary labels for use at your dry cleaning business and is provided by us in a 4″ width configuration.


While smaller dry cleaning businesses may find our pre-printed barcode labels suitable, SMRT also offers thermal transfer ink ribbons for larger, more robust operations that prefer to print their own barcodes. These ribbons are specially designed to withstand dry-cleaning solvents, including Perc, and are an ideal option for cost-conscious businesses that want to print their own labels. Our thermal transfer ribbon can be used with both heat seal and temporary labels, and is available in 4″ and 2″ width configurations.

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