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Zebra DS9908-SRR0004ZZUS RFID Scanner

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With the Zebra DS9908-SR RFID scanner, you can provide shoppers with the checkout experience they expect, including short lines, speedy transactions, and attentive service. The DS9900 series features a unique hybrid design that provides maximum flexibility and offers both handheld and hands-free scanning for fast-moving operations. Unlike other products that are handheld scanners retrofitted with a base, Zebra’s award-winning Industrial Design team created the DS9908-SR from the ground up for both handheld and hands-free use. You get Zebra’s industry-leading scanning technology, seamless switching between modes, superior ease of use, and a wide range of innovative features that boost productivity. The RFID scanner model combines a barcode scanner and RFID reader to extend the benefits of RFID to your point of sale. Empower your checkout stands with the DS9900 Series Hybrid Presentation Imager, which offers the ultimate in performance and design. With this scanner, you can enhance the efficiency and speed of your checkout process, and provide a better shopping experience for your customers.

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