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Zebra ZD400 Series (2″ or 4″ tags) w/ Cutter

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The Zebra ZD400 series is a desktop-connected thermal transfer label printer line that can print labels up to 2″ or 4″ wide at a maximum speed of 359.1″/min. With a printing resolution of 203 dpi, this printer is designed to work reliably at lightning-fast speeds, keeping your business humming along smoothly. It serves as an upgrade to the former Zebra GK400 series, featuring enhanced LED status indicators, backward compatibility with any existing printer languages, and multiple connectivity options, including USB, 802.11ac WiFi, and MFI certified Bluetooth 4.1. Additionally, the printer includes LinkOS, which supports the Zebra Print DNA suite of applications, and can be equipped with an optional battery for cordless operation. The ZD400 series is divided into two products, which differ based on the label sizes they work with. Those interested in working with 2″ labels should choose the ZD411, while those working with 4″ labels should opt for the ZD420.

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