The Fabricare 2023 show, organized by the California Cleaners Association (CCA), recently brought together the dry-cleaning community for three days of enlightening speeches and discussions. As digital marketing and sales professionals, SMRT had the privilege of attending all three days of this event. The overarching theme of the show was “In This Together,” highlighting the importance of unity within the industry. Throughout the event, prominent speakers shared their insights on new business strategies aimed at helping dry cleaners grow their businesses. In this blog post, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of the key takeaways from these speeches.

Dave Coyle: Automate the Ordinary so you can Personalize the Extraordinary

Dave Coyle’s speech focused on the crucial role of efficient marketing and personalized customer service in optimizing sales and profitability for dry cleaners. He emphasized the need to allocate limited resources wisely and provided actionable strategies for achieving extraordinary results.

Dave Coyle highlighted the power of marketing as “selling in advance” and encouraged dry cleaners to identify their target market, craft personalized messaging, and select the right media channels to reach potential customers effectively. He also introduced the concept of continuity and subscription models for client retention.

Key Takeaways:

  • Automate routine tasks to free up resources for personalized customer interactions.
  • Master marketing to provide more value to clients and create loyal customers.
  • Use digital advertising channels like Google AdWords and Facebook ads.
  • Offer irresistible offers and create landing pages for lead generation.
  • Implement guarantees to reduce perceived risks for customers.
  • Engage personally with high-value clients in the top 20%.

Yash Patel: Reputation, AI, and Google Reviews’ Impact on Customers

Yash Patel’s speech delved into the critical aspects of reputation management, the role of AI, and the impact of Google reviews on businesses. He highlighted how positive online reviews and AI-driven tools can significantly influence consumer decisions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Reputation management involves maintaining positive online reviews and building trust.
  • Google reviews significantly impact consumer decisions, with 85% trusting online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • AI-driven tools can analyze data, monitor social media, and provide insights for reputation management.
  • AI chatbots can improve customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • A multi-faceted marketing approach should combine traditional and digital methods.

Jeff Barnes: The Wisdom of Walt: Walt Disney and the Power of Resilience

Jeff Barnes captivated the audience with his speech on “The Wisdom of Walt: Walt Disney and the Power of Resilience.” He explored Walt Disney’s incredible journey, highlighting the transformative power of resilience and innovation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Disney’s journey began with bankruptcy but led to the creation of iconic characters like Mickey Mouse.
  • Courage, confronting conflict, and leading with courage are essential choices in adversity.
  • Teamwork and creativity led to the success of Disney’s theme park attractions.
  • Confronting challenges with a positive attitude can lead to personal growth and achievement.

Ryan Fish: Choose Your Hard

Ryan Fish shared his personal journey of facing challenges in business and life, encouraging the audience to choose the path of personal growth and empowerment. He highlighted the importance of embracing difficulties and pushing one’s limits.

Key Takeaways:

  • Embrace challenges in business and life as opportunities for personal growth.
  • Climbing mountains and facing difficulties can lead to self-discovery and accomplishment.

Jason Loeb: Marketing that Supports Your Brand

Jason Loeb, CEO of Sudsies, emphasized the importance of building a strong brand and creating emotional connections with customers. He provided insights into various aspects of branding and customer relationships.

Key Takeaways:

      • Maintain consistency in brand messaging and visuals.
      • Stay relevant by adapting to market trends.
      • Engage with customers and build emotional connections.

Utilize diverse marketing strategies, both traditional and digital.

Personalize the customer experience and offer authenticity.

Jeff Schapiro: What Today’s Consumers and Dry Cleaners Are Thinking

Jeff Schapiro, President of Cleaner Supply, provided valuable insights into consumer behavior and the challenges faced by dry cleaners. He highlighted the importance of quality, customer satisfaction, and adapting to changing industry dynamics. His insight was driven by a study published by him. Check it out yourself HERE.

Key Takeaways:

      • Quality and customer service are crucial for retaining customers.
      • Embrace price increases when necessary to cope with rising costs.
      • Invest in capital improvements and stay optimistic about the industry’s future.


The Fabricare 2023 show served as a platform for the dry cleaning community to come together and gain valuable insights into optimizing their businesses. With a focus on efficient marketing, reputation management, resilience, and customer relationships, dry cleaners can navigate the evolving landscape and thrive in the years to come. The message of unity and collaboration resonated throughout the event, reinforcing that the industry is indeed “In This Together.”