Inflation is the new challenge affecting our lives as we emerge from the pandemic. 

Shortages and increased demand have driven prices up 4.2% this year.

This means that your heat seals, chemicals, plastic bags, and other equipment are more expensive and harder to find. 

Here are some valuable strategies that can help your business manage these troubling times.

1. Reallocate Cash

When inflation is high, having too much cash on hand is not a good idea. Consider using surplus cash to purchase equipment or other resources that not only provide value for your investment but also help strengthen your business for the future.

2. Purchase Real Estate

Property is a good hedge against inflation. Your company may benefit from a real estate investment, which is more cost effective than increasing rent costs.

3. Assess Expenses

Take a serious look at your costs and operating expenses. Identify areas you can make savings and create a buffer that can absorb any increasing costs.

Being prepared is the best defense against rising costs and inflation. Be proactive and put your business on the path to long-term financial success.