You’ve decided to expand your business to multiple locations to keep up with the increase in customers and garments your business sees on a daily basis. 

That’s good news but managing multiple locations can be tricky. You can’t be in more than one location at once, nor should you have to be.

Here are some tips on managing multiple locations: 

1. Unified payment processing software (in-store & online)

Unified payment processing allows your employees to store credit card information so you can automate billing. This will dramatically improve your cash flow. You’ll also reduce errors, and allow for quick, accurate billing regardless of where a customer gets their clothes. 

2. Synchronized Customer Database

Having your customers’ information stored in one database is helpful when customers visit different locations. This saves your employees valuable time, and they won’t have to re-enter their information every time they visit a new store. 

3. Connect stores to your plant

Connecting stores to your plant ensures that staff at the plant can see which store items are coming from and can track the workflow when items are cleaned and returned to the correct store. 

4. Quality Over Quantity

Dry cleaners tend to focus on output rather than quality. The most successful dry cleaners focus on quality and customer service. Satisfied customers will keep coming back. Make sure your POS and Workflow system records customer preferences and makes them part of your production process.

Contact SMRT when you’re ready to expand your business. We’ll get your new stations added and ensure a seamless transition to your new business model.