You’re losing money.

Where, you ask? In labor and delays. These losses include going to delivery stops that have nothing for you, detailing clothes that you repeatedly see, answering the phone, mailing monthly statements, searching for lost items, collecting payments, updating credit cards, sending unnecessary emails and texts, not marketing your business, and the list goes on. 

It’s crazy to think that dry cleaners are suffering a 30% loss in profits when there are alternatives. 

Improve your life and supercharge your business with the power of automation.

The term Automation refers to the jobs or tasks that keep your business running without labor so that you and your team can get more done with less stress.

Here are the easy changes you can make: 

  • Barcode all items
  • Take inventory photos
  • Auto assembly 
  • Text, don’t email 
  • On-demand delivery 
  • Order ready texts
  • Text updates for credit card info
  • Smart Spotting
  • Modern, easy to use software
  • Automatic order payments 

Stop throwing money down the drain and supercharge your business today. SMRT’s technology will be just what you need.